as Geena in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York City

"Both Thalken and Steele - each in tricky roles - are superb.
-Chicago Tribune

"Steele only has a few lines, but they're memorably delivered with letter-perfect comic timing. -Chicago Theatre Beat

as Marcie in A Funny Thing Happened. . .

". . .captures the character's sharp tongue and caustic sense of humor without losing her humanity. -Splash Magazines

as Cassandra in Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike

". . .brings the house down. . .", ". . .some delicious, almost Carol Burnett-style comedy." - Chicago Theatre and Arts

"I loved every second she was on stage, and I think she felt the same way." - Around the Town Chicago

". . .creates another exciting, larger-than-life characterization. . .",      ". . .makes this hilarious character. . .one of the standouts of this production" - Chicago Theatre Review

as Julia Price in The Old Friends

"What The Old Friends has going for it. . .in spades: Divas that can shatter glass with their ferocity.  Joann Montemurro and Judy Lea Steele unleash a reign of drunken terror on their cohorts. . .chewing up everyone in their path." - Theatre by the Numbers

"Michael Menendian's direction of an all star ensemble. . .makes it all enjoyable." - Windy City Times

as Silda Grauman in Other Desert Cities

“Providing much of the play’s humor, Ms. Steele plays this outspoken, feisty woman with confidence and ease.” – Chicago Theatre Review

“Judy Lea Steele nails the acerbic Silda as well as the acquiescent one.” – North Shore Weekend Magazine

as Marsha Eberhardt in A Crime in the Neighborhood

“. . . Steele and Moss make an excellent team, the suspicious young girl and the wiser weary woman interjecting and fact checking each others stories, as well as silently plead(ing) with each other to undo the mistakes of the past or the present, and keen together over the same buried griefs.” – Chicago Theatre Review

as Rosie in The Wedding Singer

“Judy Lea Steele as Robbie’s feisty granny scores consistent laughs. . .”  TimeOut Chicago

“And Judy Lea Steele, playing Robbie’s sassy, blunt-talking grandma, steals the show performing a rap duet with George the keyboard player.” ShowBizChicago

as Nellie Cross in Peyton Place

“Best of all is Judy Lea Steele as the tough, and very New Englander abused wife Nellie Cross.  She comes off believably rural and working class in a mixture that feels entirely original.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“The really hard-hitting drama of the story, the cries and pleas that made it so shocking come back full blast through Judy Lea Steele performing the most challenging role, as Nellie, the angry, powerless housewife. . .Nellie’s pain is palpable. . .”
Theatre World

as The Storyteller in Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

Judy Lea Steele brings the laughs as the motorized scooter-bound modern narrator.” – Broadway World

“. . .a shout-out for. . .Judy Lea Steele for her eccentric and tenacious Storyteller”  LA Splash

Judy Lea Steele does a wonderful job as The Storyteller,. . .there’s no shaking the wit, warning and. . .enthusiasm.”  GapersBlock

“. . .steals every scene. . .as does Judy Lea Steele as the roving storyteller” - ShowBizQ

as Alice in Henry V

. . .and Judy Lea Steele as Alice, the sly lady’s maid to the French princess who will eventually become one of Henry’s Gallic acquisitions, add wry humor – The Chicago Tribune

Judy Lea Steele is spot on as the viglant tutor/governess to the French princess – Theatre Beat