“The Turkey”, as Carla from Liz Kaar Films
Principle photography complete, coming 2019

College Music School Auditions for remaining kiddle - as Mom
Hither and Yon
January 19 - March 3, 2018

Clickhole Liberal Senator - as Senator Anita Hawkins
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Rekindling piano love.

Getting to know a piano key accordion half my size.


Burnished Collective
Premiere Events, July 2018

Feature Film - “The Turkey”, as Carla, from Liz Kaar Films
Coming in 2019


The After - as Honey
Chicago Dramatists (Saturday Series)


Free Your Mind. . .

. . . and the rest will follow?

In April principle photography wrapped for an indie feature film, "The Turkey".  It was written, directed and produced by local film maker, Liz Kaar. (Strong women in film.  Yes!)  I was surrounded by some of Chicago's best improv and stand-up artists.  Never done a film, been many a moon since I've stretched my improv muscles.  And I've only waded into stand up waters.  We worked from the script, embellished with improv and occasionally the director would ask for an improv version of an entire scene.  It was collaborative and collegial and hilarious and - well - a little scary.  Before shooting began, I wondered and worried and considered and quaked.  These  people are funny.  Am I funny?  What if I'm not funny?  And an assortment of similar self defeating questions.  As the start day approached, I developed a weird calm.  As with most films the scenes were not shot in script order, which immediately unscrewed one bolt in my theatre head.  And there was no real way of knowing when and where improv would come in to play.  (And I do mean "in to" versus "into")  Unscrewed another bolt in my theatre head.  In theatre, improv is generally a part of the rehearsal process.  A living breathing production will have moments of improv if the actors and actresses are truly listening to each other during performance.  But the script, as written start to finish, does not change.  Very unlike stand-up and improv.  Between the shooting schedule and the looming certainty of flying without a parachute, my brain finally said "Screw it babe.  Let go."  I took a deep breath and then a leap.  And it was the most freeing, energizing, exhilarating work I've done in a while.  A literal release.  I don't know how funny it was, but I'm hungry for more.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  So I may follow this road for a bit to see where it takes me.   I like a good leap of faith.