Rekindling piano love.

Getting to know a piano key accordion half my size.


Dream Cloud (commercial) from Onion Labs/Purple Stuff Prod.

Drinking and Unemployment (After Studs Terkel) -
written and directed by Kevin Christopher Fox
(new play staged reading)

Burnished Collective
”Prompted!”, October 2018


Feature Film - “The Turkey”, as Carla, from Liz Kaar Films
Coming in 2019


Kick some arse. . .

It's so, so easy to be weighted down by those who say you aren't, can't, shouldn't, didn't.  It's toxic.  It's paralyzing.  And it's the death of growth, hope and creativity.  The more patina I acquire, the more I believe that if you never go out on a limb you'll always have an obstructed view.  (Copyright, TM, my fantasy lawyers will come after you.)  It may break, you may fail, you may experience some difficult losses.  But I love trees and I'm staying out on the limb.  When the fall comes, I'm gonna keep getting up off my arse, examining myself, learning from my mistakes and finding a new limb.  It's harder to get back up sometimes, but it's always worth it.  Now more than ever.